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How to Care for Jetted Tubs

If your new home came with a jetted tub in the master bath or you plan to replace the tub with one with jets, here are a few tips to making every bath you take luxurious. Jetted tubs require special care, so before you take that first relaxing dip, read the manufacturer’s guidelines on cleaning frequency and whether or not you can use bath salts and oils that are guaranteed for use in jetted tubs. 

Because the bathwater is recirculated, the water pump can become damaged by bath salts, oils, and bubble baths, and even some kinds of soaps. Skin deposits, grease, oils, mold, bacteria, and algae must be cleaned out of the piping so that build-up doesn’t clog the pipes. Clean the tub with a non-abrasive cleanser designed for hydrotherapy baths and rinse thoroughly. Fill the tub with warm water, add a cup of bleach, and run the jets for 10 minutes. Drain the water and rinse the inside, then fill the tub again.  Run the jets for another few minutes to clear away any remaining bleach, then drain the tub.

To clean the jets, use a bio-cleaner for jetted tubs, or if you prefer to go “green,” use 2 cups of white distilled vinegar with 1 cup of salt, running the jets for about 15 minutes.  Drain the tub, then rinse the surface and jets. 

Always wear gloves and use bath and cleaning products that are safe for jetted tubs and you. 

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