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Whether searching online or speaking to any of our real estate professionals, we strive to provide excellent service beyond your expectations. We've provided all the tools you'll need to find and purchase your dream home. Everything is just a click or  a phone call away.   One of our very helpful agents is waiting for your call.

The selling and buying of a house can be a stressful and confusing process. Not only is it very expensive to learn from your mistakes but very few people move often enough to gain the needed experience.
Few of us would consider buying a used car without first having a mechanic look it over, or at least taking it out for a test drive. Yet that is exactly what many buyers do when buying a resale home.
When homeowners price their homes they try to walk the fine line between getting the highest price and ensuring the asking price is competitive enough to attract serious offers

House Hunting Worksheet!!

We have provided the following worksheet for you to take along on your next home viewing session. It is meant to be downloaded and printed as many times as needed, and will allow you to make note of the details of each home that you view.  Right click the the Web Browser Window and then click on the "Print" button. Repeat this File/Print procedure to obtain as many copies of the worksheet as needed.  Click Here
One of the most important decisions a homebuyer must make is choosing the right neighborhood. While this is a very personal decision that often hinges on hundreds of different factors, you should always keep in mind the following...
The majority of purchasers are not overly surprised by the findings of their home inspection. Before getting this far, they have usually had a very close look at the property. And yes, they already know about the peeling paint and old furnace.
By asking a REALTOR to act on your behalf during the purchase of a home, you create an Agency Relationship and become the REALTOR's client. REALTORS always owe their clients full fiduciary duties, such as loyalty, obedience, confidentiality, accountability, duty of care, and full disclosure of all pertinent facts.
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