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Photo courtesy of Rick Just - Speaking of Idaho

Boise’s Geothermal Building Plaque – designed by Boise artist Ward Hooper

DID YOU KNOW?  Boise, Idaho has the United States’ oldest geothermal district!  Founded in 1892, this district has become the largest geothermal heating district in the world, heating over 90 buildings in the downtown area.  This includes Idaho’s Capitol Building, which was the first capitol building in the United States heated by hot water! 

Not only that, but Boise is home to the Moore-Cunningham mansion, built in 1892, which was the first home in America to be heated with natural hot water.  Boise has used geothermal heat since the 1890s to heat Victorian homes and the original Natatorium.

You can find many more interesting facts about Boise’s geothermal system on the following sites:


Boise City:

BoiseDev: (article by Anna Daly – BoiseDev Reporter, September 26, 2021)

Moore-Cunningham Mansion

Speaking of Idaho – Rick Just:

Our beloved Idaho is home to so many “firsts” that it is hard not to burst our buttons with pride for our home state!  And thanks for reading another Fun Fact Friday post!


Photo Courtesy Boise City

Idaho Capitol Building – Boise, Idaho

Photo courtesy Library of Congress

Moore-Cunningham Mansion – 1109 Warm Springs Avenue, Boise ID

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