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Photo courtesy of Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

Bogus Basin Illuminated

DID YOU KNOW?  Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is the largest non-profit ski area in the United States!

How did we get there?  It’s in our blood.  We Idahoans love our outdoor recreation – and no wonder – we have THE BEST playground in the world!  Idaho has just about any type of recreation terrain you could ask for, and we love it that way!

After Sun Valley Resort came into being, plenty of Boiseans thought it would be a grand idea to bring the sport of downhill skiing closer to home.  They formed the Boise Ski Club and it went from there!  For more historical information, you can read this article by Rick Just, here:  Just also cites another resource if you want to dig deeper!

Because Boiseans love our recreation so much, AND have a well-earned reputation for kindness, it came naturally for the developers of Bogus Basin to move into creating a place that was accessible for everyone!  Therefore, Bogus has reinvested all earnings back into the mountain for operations and improvements.  What can we say – Boiseans definitely have big hearts!  Read about the culture of Bogus Basin on their webpage here:

FUN FACT #2:  Not just one, but TWO new chair lifts will be installed on the mountain in the summer of 2024!  Our population has grown tremendously in the last several years and Bogus wants to keep up with the influx – so these new chair lifts will be replacing the Coach Chairlift and Bitterroot Chairlift with much more effective ones!  YAY!!!

You can read all about these new  lifts on the Bogus Basin site, here:

We hope you are able to give Bogus some extra love and to enjoy ALLLLL they offer in the near future and appreciate just how great is this Gem State!  And thanks, again, for reading another Fun Fact Friday post!

Photo Courtesy of Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

Original Base Area, 1940’s – Bogus Basin

Photo Courtesy of Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

Opening a New Chairlift on Bogus – 3/25/1960


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